Little Star
Each piece of cute little star brings sweetness to your mood.
Baby Bears
Colorful adorable baby Bear gummies in assorted fruit flavors that promise to be exciting,enjoyable taste sensation and companionship.
Neon Stix
With Assorted fruit flavor, Mini Neon stix makes yout heart glowing, colorful, and happy
Gummy Breakfast
The Breakfast consists of a plate of delicious noodles and an appetizing egg omelette,two sandwiches, two rich milkshakes,two pieces of tasty cookies, and five refreshing fruit cocktails
Exotic Mango
Taste the refreshing beach life of Yupi's Juicy exotic mango gummy!
Strawberry Kiss
Cute and refreshing,heard-shaped strawberry gummies that are delightful, tasty and irresistible
Gummy Lunch
Gummy Lunch is chewy gummy set with many tasty packs inside.You can have gummi pizza,gummi fries,gummy burger,gummy iced cola and gummy frankfurter
Milly Moos
Our farm has many of cute and colorful yummy cow gummies,chewy and milky
Triplet Bears
Big Bears Shaped gummy with different textures one bite
Dino Land
Let's travel back in time with Yupi Dino land and keep the dinosaurs sway from the no-way-out jungle
Ice Cream Cone
With its unique shape like ice cream and it feels the sensation.Let's all have cool ice cream cone party!
Jungle Fun
Explore every cute animal shaped gummy with sweet fruity flavour.that you can find only at yupi Jungle Fun
Fruit Cocktails
Beautiful shape and colorful with a refreshing fruit flavor is presented inside the tray .. so cute
Fruitty Puff
Cheer up your day with the fruity sensation of Fruity Puff .Share it with your friends and spread the fun!
Fun Gum
Gummy is fun with a variety of flavors and colorful with packaging that will make your mood much better
Gummy Cookies
Gummy in the form of cookies, cute with various color stuffing and different taste. Try and be addicted.
Gummy Fangs
Want to try to scare someone? try gummy fangs ,, herrrrs ...
Marshmellow coated with chocolate and krunchy. The blend is beautiful and tasty
Gummi Pizza
with shape like Soft Bun with paprika and mozarella , you can't find in a real pizza !!! Yummy
Led by Mr Shark from sea horse to sea stars -all marine gang come together having marveleous marine party here in yupi seaworld!
Fruit Bites
Fruit Bites comes to give you bite size fruity goodness to your life. Enjoy real fruit juice flavour in every bite!
Beat Me
Eat me! Beat me! Defeat the monsters in the most delicious way. By eating your way to victory!
Ice Cola
Hi all, hey now here comes Yupi Iced Cola.. Itsy bitsy tiny brown bottles, gummy and yummy, fizzy and refreshing.. Yupi Iced Cola the flavor is so loud! Want every bite, don’t want to stop!
Party Mix
Party Mix! ready to accompany you partying anytime! with a lot of gummy variety with flavors mixed in the mouth, can get rid of your boredom!
Sour 'O' ringo
Do you see all the rings with the colours of rainbow? Enjoy Sour ‘O’ Ringo is all fruity flavor gummy, yummy and juicy wake you up then get you smile, have some more and be on the roll!
Zugi Zagi Zug
Life is a journey. And every journey will be better with Zugi Zagi Zug’s longlasting sweet and sour flavor to add more fun to your everyday!